Friday, July 19, 2013

DIY Photo Display

 Hello everyone! So I recently saw something similar to this photo display on Pinterest and knew I just had to make one for my room. I hope you enjoy the pictures and tips on how to make your own!
 My Mom actually found this piece of driftwood a few years ago at the beach, but you could order some online or just use a sturdy branch ( I would recommend cleaning it before so there are no bugs or bark).
 I got my rope at Michael's Arts and Crafts. You could use anything from fishing line to twine though, just make sure it is sturdy as it will be holding a lot.
 I tied simple knots to secure the rope to the driftwood. I decided to have three columns of photos, but you can really do as many or as few as you desire.
 I bought these really cute and tiny clothespins at Michael's Arts and Crafts. (I think Walmart might have them too). Then I just clipped all the pictures where I wanted them!
 It was my sister's idea to tie knots before each picture. Play around with it and see what you like best :)
 Make sure everything is secure. I tied the ropes onto the wood and hung it up before I put the clipped the picture onto the rope.
 I didn't clip all the clothespins in the same direction to give it a more laid back feel.
 Mine ended up being pretty heavy, so make sure you have a strong nail or screw to hold it up.
 I didn't make my pictures or the columns even because I liked how it looked a little asymmetrical. I like this project a lot because you could recreate it in so many different ways.
 I wanted to have some pictures with family, some with nature (my room is beach themed), and a quote I liked. My sister and I took all of these pictures and I printed out the quote from online :) The nice thing about this project is that the pictures can be interchangeable later on.
Hope you enjoyed this, don't forget to leave a comment and check out my other blog posts! Feel free to ask me any questions as well :)

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