Wednesday, June 19, 2013

50 Random Facts About Me


   I decided to start a blog! It's the summer, and I have always like the idea of having a place to write and post random things. I named this blog WhatSusyDid because I like the book What Katy Did and I think the name perfectly describes what I will be posting on this blog. So as a sort of introduction I decided to post the tag 50 random facts about me as the beginning of a grand adventure that I hope you will join me on :)
50 Random Facts About Me
1) I sometimes brush my teeth when I am really stressed (I have no idea why, but it makes me feel better).
2) I live by the beach, but I love traveling to the mountains.
3) My faith is the most important thing in my life, I love Jesus and pray about everything.
4) I like doing a lot of things, but I am not especially good at one particular thing. ( If that makes sense)
5) I tend to over think situations and make a bigger deal out of things that aren't really that big of a deal.
6) I like to be optimistic about everything, but it can sometimes get annoying for other people.
7) I used to be terrified of roller coasters until I forced myself to go on one and told myself I was going to like it. Now I love them!
I love dancing ballet so much so that I will randomly find myself standing in first or fifth position (ballet poses).

9) I spend too much time on the computer.
My favorite bible verse is Colossians 3:15-17.
11) I love the outdoors, I once went backpacking and camping in North Carolina for a week!
12) I like how my nails look when painted, but I am too lazy and impatient to actually paint them.
13) I hate mushrooms, olives, and tomatoes.14) I drink hot chocolate almost every night before bed.

15)  I rarely straighten or use heat on my hair because I think it takes too long and I am too lazy.
16) I have an unhealthy addiction to chocolate.
17) I spend too much time on Pinterest. 
18) I have always wanted to start a Vlog, but I would have no idea what to say. 
19) I once got the perfect attendance award in high school...I made sure the next year to skip at least one day of classes. 
20) I like wearing two necklaces at once, one short and one long. 
21) My favorite color is sunshine yellow, like literally the color of the sun. 
22) I tend to think out loud, which can be a little annoying for my sister who I share a room with. 
23) I am 18 years old and just finished my freshman year of university. 
24) I didn't realize 50 was a lot of things to write about...
25) If I start reading a good book I won't do anything else until it's finished. And that includes responsibilities and chores.
26) I have a snack everyday at 4 pm.
27) I have 3 older sisters whom I am very close with. 
28) Sometimes I think I should have been born in the 19th century or maybe just live in a Jane Austen novel.
29) My current major is Elementary Education (but I might switch). 
30) Whenever I get new clothes I wear them all within the next week.
31) I test Phlegmatic- Melancholic on a personality test. (Those of you who have taken them will know what I am talking about)
32) I am from Guatemala, but I was born in Virginia.
33) When I was younger I used to think that when someone was dreaming in their sleep they would literally leave their bed and disappear for a little while. If I couldn't find my Mom, my sisters would tell me she was dreaming. 
34) I am always in search of new music and I love listening to different bands or singers. 
35) I know I said I was optimistic, but I really don't think many people will follow me or read this blog.
36) I think my next post will be a daily hair routine.
37) I once showed up at the wrong house for a birthday party, it was really awkward.
38) I am extremely ticklish, and I laugh when they check you at airport securities. 
39)  My favorite days in Elementary school were the D.E.A.R (drop everything and read) days. 
40) When I think something is really funny I say "Ow" (I'm not sure why...maybe because it's so funny it hurts?).
41) I like dipping my french fries in my frosty.
42) My favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream. 
43) I once baked red velvet cupcakes with canola oil instead of vinegar...they turned out very spongy and weird.
44) I tend to refer to a lot of objects or things as a puppy. Example "Let's put this 'puppy' in my purse."
45) I refer to nice t-shirts as blouses.
46) I rarely change my profile picture.
47) I like taking pictures, but I always forget to.
48) My best friend is my sister Rebecca.
49) I love traveling and want to go everywhere.
50) I doodle all the time and in all my notebooks and textbooks. 

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