Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Everyday Hair Routine/ Soft Heat less Curls

Hello Everyone!
So today I'm going to show you how I style my hair on a daily basis. Let me begin by saying that my hair is pretty thick and wavy. It can be frizzy and poofy and I used to never know how to manage it. So a few years ago I began experimenting with different ways to style it and finally found one that worked well for my hair. That being said this might not work if your hair is thin or stick straight.
First I wash my hair. Recently I have been using Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner.

 After I lightly towel dry my hair, I put in a couple of sprays of It's a 10 leave-in product. It makes my hair feel soft and look shiny.
 I then comb through my hair using a wide tooth comb, to fully distribute the product and get rid of any tangles. If you need to brush your hair I would recommend doing so while it's still wet.
I then wait 15-20 minutes for my hair to air dry a little (my hair takes forever to dry, so after 20 minutes it's still a little damp). Next, I pour a quarter sized amount of Garnier Fructis Style Curl Cream and distribute it throughout my whole head focusing on the ends. This is by far my favorite curl cream because it doesn't leave my hair crunchy or stiff, but helps curl my hair and tame frizz.

 I then divide my hair into two equal sections to create two low pigtails, securing them with hair ties (the hair ties are optional, but I find it easier to multitask). This allows me to twirl my hair and do other things. I normally twirl them in the same direction, but I guess it doesn't really matter. I wash my hair at night so I twirl them while I get ready for bed, or watch TV. I then go to sleep, so my hair can finish drying overnight. If you wash your hair in the morning you can twirl your hair while you get ready or eat breakfast. If you really don't have time to let them air dry you can blow dry the pigtails on low heat while twirling them (I recommend using the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer).

And my hair is done! I hope this information is useful and has given you ideas or tips on styling your hair. Everyone's hair is different, so this is by no means a proven method on all hair types. Please comment if this helped you or if you have any questions :)
Thanks for reading!
- Susy

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